Welcome to the WorldSkills UK Web Design Training Manual. This online manual will give you the tools and techniques required when completing the online heat paper and guide you to what the mark scheme will expect. Each post will be broken down into five categories:

The Basics






Please note, that this may or may not be the most efficient way of coding or laying out your code. This is just a training manual and it will be up to you to make the most of what you learn here. You should make the code as efficient as possible when completing the online paper. Everything that you learn here will be used. 

Meet the team

The Team is made up of a group of outstanding Web Developers, Web Designers and Web Programmers from around the world.
Will Marks

Will Marks

Organising Partner (UK)

Web Design Lecturer for Highbury College and Portsmouth University. Lead Judge for four years and creator of this very website.

Marley Adamson

Marley Adamson

Web Developer (UK)

Marley is the Co-Founder of Dino Nuts and has created his own API for the new website launching soon.

Emilija Butkute

Emilija Butkute

Graphic Designer / Web Designer (Be)

Em is an international free-lance designer with projects spanning the globe from Brussels to Africa.

Luke Sinclair

Luke Sinclair

Dev Ops Engineer (UK)

Luke works for Elite Hosting, one of the fastest growing web hosting sites and has worked with WorldSkills for four years.



Cyber Security / Programmer (Aus)

SparcMX has been building bespoke software solutions since 1989. His programs are used worldwide.

Barry Flood

Barry Flood

Web Developer (IE)

Barry is the Founder / CEO at Tipbot LTD and has worked as a web designer for companies such as Universal


Everything that you need to know, in one place.

Learning Flex in 5 Minutes

In this post you’ll learn the basics of CSS Flexbox, which has become a must-have skill for web developers and designers the last couple of years. We’ll be using a navbar as an example, as Read more…

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